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 SSWA Travel Resources

All travel information is located on USU's Travel Office Website.
Access the ServiceNow Travel System.

Before Your Trip

Preparing a Travel Authorization (TA). Please submit your TA before making any travel related purchases.

Arranging Your Travel Expenses

You are responsible for booking your hotels, flights, rental vehicles, etc. Using the department travel card is the preferred method of payment for travel expenses. You may work directly with a vendor (e.g. Delta), through a third-party site (e.g. Orbitz), or use any of the following University-sponsored travel resources:

If you are traveling on funds provided by the federal government, you must use a U.S. flag carrier (an airline owned by an American company), regardless of cost or convenience. Please review the Fly America Guidelines to 1) see if this applies to you, and 2) to be sure your flights are compliant.

After Your Trip

Receiving Travel Reimbursement (TR)

Reimbursement rates (for mileage on a personal vehicle, per diem meals)



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Student Travel & Group Travel

Travel Cash Advance:

International Travel

Cash Advance, conversion rates,