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Hourly Pay Information

Hourly employees of the department are paid twice monthly. Time cards are due on the 15th and last day of each month and payment is received through direct deposit. For Fall 2016 Semester, time cards are due and paid as follows:

Due Date


January 15

January 25

January 31

February 10

February 15

February 25

February 28

March 10

March 15

March 25

March 31

April 10

April 15

April 25

April 30

May 10

May 15

May 25

Time Cards

Paper time cards are available in Old Main room 224. Employees are encourage to use the new electronic time cards. Time cards must be approved by supervisers before payment can be processed. They must also be turned in to Annette Rindlisbacher (Old Main 216A) or Courtenae Palmer (Old Main 224) before 5:00PM on the due date.
Do not leave time cards in a mail box or on a desk. Please use the links below to access the electronic time card and instructions for use. If you have any questions or concerns please send an email to

Electronic Time Card
Electronic Time Card Instructions