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Native American Studies Minor


Native American man in traditional dress sitting in a U.S. government meeting.

The Native American Studies minor builds competency for students seeking cross-cultural experience in careers involving social justice, environmental policy, traditional knowledge, and cultural preservation among contemporary Native American communities. The minor is open to all majors.

A grade of C or better is required for all courses taken to meet the requirements for the minor. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for courses taken to complete the minor. This minor requires 15 credit hours (3 credits Required Core, 3 credits Breadth, 9 credits Depth).

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Course Requirements

Native American woman in traditional dress walking in a parade.

 Required Course (3 Credits)

  • NAS 1010 - Introduction to Native American Studies

Native American Studies Breadth (Choose One - 3 Credits)

  • ARTH 3270 - Native North American Art (CI)
  • ARTH 3320 - Pre-Columbian Art (CI)
  • ANTH 3110 - North American Indian Cultures (DSS)
  • ANTH 4110 - Southwest Indian Cultures, Past and Present (DSS)
  • ENGL 3620 - Native American Studies
  • HIST 4710 - American Indian History

Native American Studies Depth (3 Courses - 9 Credits)

  • ANTH 3300 - Archaeology in North America (DSS)
  • ANTH 5340 - Archaeology of the Desert West
  • ENGL 3520 - Multicultural American Literature
  • ENGL 4610 - Western American Literature (CI/DHA)
  • HIST 4710 - American Indian History
  • HIST 4940 - Historical Internship
  • PSY 4240 - Multicultural Psychology (DSS)
  • SW 2400 - Social Work with Diverse Populations
  • SW 3350 - Child Welfare

For more information, visit the NAS Course Catalog.

Tribal Nations

Tribal Nations Map with their original names and locations

Map of Native American and First Nation Tribal Nations, with original names and locations, before European contact.

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