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Introducing USU's Native American Studies Minor


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Shoshone man in red traditional clothing and a feathered headdress. He is holding a flag. The festival in the background is blurred.

We are pleased to introduce the USU Native American Studies (NAS) Minor. Beginning Fall 2018, students from all majors, disciplines, and campuses can declar the NAS minor and engage in the multitude of interdisciplinary courses offered. The NAS minor builds competency for students seeking cross-cultural experience in careers involving social justice, environmental policy, traditional knowledge, and cultural preservation among contemporary Native American communities.

The Native American Studies faculty, headed by program director and archaeologist Dr. Judson Finley, come together from the Access and Diversity Center, Anthropology, Art, English, History, Psychology, and Social Work. The diverse fields of study offer students a broad lens with which to learn about today's Native American communities.

Requirements for the NAS minor include 15 credit hours, a grade of C or better for all minor courses, and a minimum GPA of 2.5 for courses taken to complete the minor.